Claire Chivell is an educator, designer and illustrator from Australia.

Claire began working in private art education whilst completing a degree in primary and middle teaching, and then worked for a time in public, private, primary and high school teaching environments. At this time, she was also a gallery moderator for the Pixel Art gallery on, helping to promote the medium and its community.

This focus on digital art inspired Claire to complete a second degree in graphic design and illustration, in which she experimented with many things including web design, vector artwork, fabric patterns, garment creation, laser cutting perspex and packaging for vinyl records.

It was then that Claire went on to complete a third degree in Art and Design Honours, writing a thesis about the tacit decision-making of illustrators when they draw and paint, which achieved First Class Honours. Claire most recently has been teaching web design at the University of South Australia, and continuing to experiment with traditional and digital mediums.

When she's not working on art, design or research, she also enjoys reading historical non-fiction, playing a generous amount of video games, and writing articles.